Clothes Distribution to Homeless

Young Minds has taken another initiation for the betterment of the society. We have organized clothes distribution to homeless program. We seek your kind help in any possible manner such as

  • donating your clothes that you might not need,
  • collecting clothes from your circle and drop it to collection center as mentioned below,
  • sharing facebook cover on your facebook and tagging your friends or putting it to your timeline cover.

We aim to distribute clothes on 12th August

  • Ganeshthan Temple
  • Mahankal/ Sankata Temple
  • Pashupatinath Temple

We currently have below collection centers

  1. Young Minds Tower, Prayag Chowk, Shanti Nagar, Kathmandu, Nepal, 01-4115132

Please be kind to provide washed, clean and wearable (un-torn) clothes. Afterall, they are going to be worn.