Appreciation Day 2017

We are about to hit 10 glorious years of success because of our team members and clients who invested their trust on us. As an appreciation, we organize a program to thank our team and award them with titles for their recognition and appreciation.

Mr. Shreedhar Marsini – Managing Director of Young Minds Creation Pvt. Ltd, thanking every team member (working for us and even those who left) for their kind contribution to this organization. Without you all, Young Minds would not have had been this great. Thank you.

Mr. Prakash Bhandari – Chief of Production Officer is the oldest team member in this organization and has contributed in this organization as a developer, designer, project manager and so on. He has developed uncountable projects and has served clients from all over the world through Young Minds. It is honor to award him Chief Officer of the Year 2016. He recently has moved to Australia with his wife to seek better opportunities. We always will consider him as our team and will always miss him. Mr. Srijan Karki receiving the award on his behalf.

Mr. Sirjan Karki – Developer, awarded as Developer of the Year 2016. We thank you for your kind work and amazing delivery and keeping up the team-spirit.

Mr. Dilli Raj Maharjan – DBA Consultant, was awarded as Consultant of the year 2016 for his outstanding contribution on several government projects with huge database/data responsibilities with several challenging environment from different district level government offices. We thank you for your hard work and wish you great future.

After this internal program of ours, we also have a thanks giving party where we have guests from different areas of ICT industries.