Automation of Tourism Licensing Processing System inaugurated by Honorable Minister

On 11th of Poush, the inauguration ceremony of Automation of Toursim Licensing Processing System was organized by the Valley Toursim Office in Hattiban, Lalitpur. The system was inaugurated by Honorable Minister for Culture and Tourism of Bagmati Province, Mr. Dipendra Shrestha.

The system was developed by Young Minds Creation Pvt. Ltd. as per the requirements and demand provided by the Secretary and the Minister of the Ministry of Forest and Environment which used to look after the tourism sector at the given time.

In the program, the system was launched which is deployed in the Government server (GIDC). An Operation License for Travel Agency was printed through the system and handed to Mr. Aashish Shrestha, the founder of Honey Guide Pvt. Ltd. The program marked automation of tourism licensing processes as Honey Guide applied for the operating license online, and received license online.

The major purpose of this system is to automate the tourism licensing process at Valley Tourism Office, along with making the monitoring and supervision of the tourism licensing process more efficient and effective. With this system, the licensing process for tourism agencies is digitized which will certainly benefit all the travel agencies and other concerned users to obtain their operational license without any extra paperwork and other unnecessary hassle.