Managing Remote team/ Work-from-Home

Right now since Covid-19 has been out broken as global pandemic, remote working or work from home has become more than a trend. It has now become a necessity for the companies all across the globe. Working from home is the most effective remedy to control outbreak inside the organization. But still managing a remote team or working as a part of remote team is never an easy task.

Although, the idea of work from home may sound like people slacking in a comfy pyajama lying on a comfy bed, it’s quite opposite when it comes to productivity and achievements. It’s a bit challenge to both the remote team managers and remote team workers to stay motivated and to bring as much productivity as in working in an office.

Here are some tips that will help you to manage a remote team in better ways:

1. Establish better communication guidelines: Proper communication is the key factor to on focus on when working in a remote team. When the team is familiar with a particular communication guideline, employees are connected with everyone which makes easier to carry the work flow,to share information and problem.

2. Have a daily check-in: Since it’s a bit challenging to stay motivated and productive while working from home, having a daily check-in is the easiest way to keep ‘working-mode on’ . Now-a-days there are several tools like Zoom or Google hangout or any other communication tools to follow the daily check-in routine.

3. Focus on Outcomes more than activity: It is not possible to manage every aspect of the work done by the remote team. So, instead of focusing on the hours worked, focus on the outcomes and measures of the team as required.

4. Using right tools: When your team is distributed across several location, everyone is connected and collaborated systematically for smooth work flow. For this, you must use proper tools as needed. There are lot of tools available for free these days like trello, skype, slack and many more that helps to manage a remote team efficiently.

In Conclusion: Every organization has it’s own different culture and nature of working. So same technique of managing the remote team may also not be applicable to all kind of organization. You must have to rethink if a particular technique is not working for managing remote team. In other hand, if your team is producing expected results, then you must appreciate their work.