Nepali Calendar Module for Joomla

Nepali Calendar Module for Joomla [ad#300×250] Nepali Calendar is a Bikram Sambat based Calendar mostly used in Nepal. Bikram Sambat based Nepali Calendar is approximately 56 years and 81/2 months ahead of the Gregorian calendar. The new year of Nepalese calendar lies in the middle of April. The days of month are not predetermined as in the Gregorian calendar and are calculated on the basis of moments of the planets. Nepali Calendar is used by government of Nepal as official calendar. Bikram Sambat based Nepali Calendar is also used in countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.

Click Here to Download Joomla Nepali Calendar Module

Installation and Documentation

The installation process is similar to installation of other joomla modules. To install Nepali Calendar module, first download the module by clicking on the above link. After then, log in to the administration site of your joomla site. Then click on the Extension->Install/Uninstall menu. Browse for the module from your computer and click on Upload File and Install button to install the component. If everything goes right, a message will be displayed to show the successful installation of the module. The screenshot after the installation is shown below:

Installation of Nepali Calendar

Module Configuration

After the installation of Nepali Calendar Module, you need to configure the module for publishing it in the front page of the site template. To configure the module, go to Extensions->Module Manager. Click on the Nepali Calendar Module which is displayed in the list. You can configure various parameters to show the Nepali Calendar at your required position.

Configure Parameters for Nepali Calendar

In the module parameters section,  you can configure parameters like Day Length, Display links and CSS style sheet for the module. Day length parameter is to display the length of name of the Day. By Default the day length will be fixed to 1, which means for Sunday only S will be displayed and so on. Put zero (0) not to display the day name or put eight (8) to display all the letters of the day. The next parameter is for displaying the next or previous link of the month. If you select no for the links, the user can only view the current month (i.e. User cannot roam around previous and next months).  The third parameter is for changing the css styles of the Module. You can change the width and height, background color and other several design issues by adding appropriate style sheets to this parameters.