Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Province 1 signs in for Digital Social Database

On 25 April, 2022 Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers (OCMCM), Province 1 and Young Minds Creation Pvt. Ltd. signs in for Digital Social Database. The Provincial and Local Governance Support Programme (PLGSP) planned to develop online data collecting and reporting system named as Digital Database System for Province Government based on web and mobile application for collection of the information basis on the identified indicators of social development and information collection and analysis. The main objectives of the assignments are:

  1. Provide common framework for data collection and reporting system for all local government of Province 1.
  2. To strengthen ICT based system of province planning commission and hence improve the province public administration function more effectively.
  3. To develop and rollout a web based and mobile application to collect store analysis of the social development.
  4. To digitize the social development and establish a Digital Database System.