Pokhara University – Exam Management System

Pokhara University is one of the top universities in Nepal, where the Prime Minister of Nepal is the Chancellor of the University. University of more than 32, 000 current Nepalese students, it has a great impact in Nepalese Education System. Since, the University has to publish a result of about 32, 000 students at a time it is very hard to do so manually. Sometime it even takes, 4-5 months to just publish the results. Hence, to eliminate these kind of problems, Young Minds was chosen with an initiative to develop the Exam Management System.

Exam Management System helps the University to process the result of vast number of students in short period of time. This published result can itself be viewed by students from their respective login page provided by college. College also can view the result of their whole students from the system itself after the result is published.