Missing and Found Person MIS and Unidentified Dead Body MIS.

a web based MIS

Project Description

This system helps to serve the public better and avoid delay in linking of Missing/Found and Dead bodies that are of inter–district and inter–region nature. This system play as centralized data bank of such information and includes:

  • More than 200 offices including Head Office, Departments, DRO, DPO, Police unit user account to access and update centralize system.
  • Data Entry, Data Verification module.
  • Different types report generation functionality.
  • Advance Data Search, Data cross checking, matching with missing, found and dead body person details etc.
  • Duplicate data validation in missing, found and dead body database.
  • Federal Office Management and Role based access control.

Project Details

  • Client Crime Investigation Department, Nepal Police Headquarters
  • Date May 31, 2017
  • Tags All Web Projects

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