Secretariat of Foreign Employment Board Signs in with Young Minds for “Development and Implementation of FEWIMS System”

On date 14th July, 2020, an agreement has been signed between Secretariat of Foreign Employment Board and Young Minds for Project ” Development and Implementation of FEWIMS System.”

The project aims :

  1. To develop a web-based application for Compensation Management and other welfare related activities of FEB which helps to manage and digitize the compensation, scholarship management and other welfare related activities of FEB.
  2. The FEWIMS system will be using to manage compensation and other welfare activities to the foreign employee or their families. To keep the record, monitoring and managing all compensation process including scholarship services and enhance more feature of the entire process.
  3. FEWIMS system will have different form and modules to facilitate the process and digitize the process.

Business Process for FEWIMS System are as below:

  • Online form submission and recommendation module for submission of application along with documents and recommendation from Local Authorities.
  • Integration with Foreign Employment Information Management System (FEIMS) for the labour approval details.
  • Migration of old compensation related and other data to newly developed system.
  • Modules for Embassy Correspondence.
  • Form and module for compensation to the deceased family.
  • Form and module to provide economic support to migrant workers and their families, being ill/disabled or suffered with any communicable diseases.
  • Online form submission for scholarship from local or any other assigned authorities.
  • Module for form management of scholarship procedure.
  • Form and module for reimbursement of orientation fee of female migrant¬† worker.
  • From and module for deceased body transport (Hearse) management.
  • Form and module for rescue, search, legal support, rehabilitation, safe house, reintegration etc.
  • Module for embassy correspondence.
  • Module for management of compensation procedure for FEB and digitize the compensation process.
  • Online form submission for scholarship from local authorities or any assigned authorities.
  • Module for management of scholarships procedure for FEB and digitize the scholarship providing process.
  • Different reports, reporting formats and analysis tools.
  • Notification about the status of migrant application. (Download application and forward to registered mail).
  • Status verification of payment from the system and FEB website via application number.
  • Different privileges for FEB admin users.
  • Push for important notices (Notices/Risk/Alerts).