Sulabh Samagri (सुलभ सामाग्री)

Practical Action is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries. Young Minds was contracted on 6th march, 2017 to build a Market Information System that will help earthquake victims to construct an earthquake resistant shelter.

“An initiation to help Re-Construction”.

The developed web system and an android application named “ सुलभ समाग्री ”

  • gives the list of earthquake resistant house samples which are issued by the Government of Nepal,
  • allows user to calculate the total cost for construction on the basis of available resource centers and desired house area,
  • provides the information of required materials for construction,
  • provides the information of different market centers and associated vendors who sell those materials,
  • allows user to compare the price of materials between different market centers and
  • allows user to search for masons and labors based on their available locations.

Young Minds has worked hard with its team and given special effort and consultancy to assure that we could indirectly help earthquake victim with this system. The victims could obtain best possible information from this APP and plan/execute their re-construction.