Taiko is the free as well as open source browser automation tool, which is developed by the ThoughtWorks team and for testing version available in market from July 19, 2019 from San Francisco. It uses the node.js library to automate the chrome browser with clear and concise API to automate the in the chrome browser. Test written in the taiko are highly readable and maintain able. This application is available only for chrome browser just like Cypress.

With the help of taiko it is easy:

  • To get started
  • Record/write/Run test

Taiko smart selector makes test reliable by adopting the changes in the structure in the web application. With the taiko there is no need for id/CSS/ Xpath selectors or adding explicit waits (XHR Request) in the test scripts.


Taiko is the build ground up to test modern test web applications. Here are the some of the unique features that sets it apart from others browser automation tools.

  • Easy installation
  • Interactive Recorder
  • Smart Selector
  • Handle XHR/Dynamic content
  • Request/Response stubbing mocking

Get Started:

Easy installation

It is supportable for basically in three platform as:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Before we start on Taiko scripts in JavaScrips, Node.js should be installed in your OS. After that first open command prompt (for windows) for MacOS (terminal) using below run in Command:

$ npm install –g taiko

Then will install Taiko and the Chromium browser with the latest version.

This Taiko tool comes with a REPL Recorder which is used for writing test scripts. To Lunch the REPL, just type in CMD:

$ taiko

 Then, it will gives the latest version with the Chrome browser version.

This will open the Taiko Prompt in your CMD applications, now you can use Taiko API.

Let’s perform Task: