Training on System for Digital Attendance Audit and Tracking Out of School Children

On 8th September 2023, successful training was conducted on the ‘System for Digital Attendance Audit and Tracking out of School Children’, developed by Young Minds Creation Pvt. Ltd. The venue was Barewa Durbar Hotel in Bara, and the training was attended by key stakeholders including municipality members, school head teachers, teachers, representatives from AASAMAN Nepal, and Save the Children.

During the training, software developers Mr. Diwakar Dahal and Mr. Utsab Pokharel, provided a pitch about operating the system to make it functional. It covered various aspects of the system, including installation, data entry, reporting, and troubleshooting. The training session aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively implement this innovative system. The event was a remarkable collaboration between the public and private sectors, showcasing the commitment of both government officials and private companies to improving education outcomes in Nepal.

The overall aim of the system is to support schools conducting digital attendance audits and to provide technical support to the local government/schools with an online system to track and enroll out-of-school children. Hence, participants left the session with a deeper understanding of how the technology could be leveraged to improve education and increase school regularity of the children from the poor and marginalized families.