October 17, 2022

Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd signs in with Young Minds for Laraminds

Young Minds has signed up a MoU with Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd to facilitate the social event, Laraminds 2022 as a training/ industry partner.

On Monday, 17 October, the signing took place between the project manager of Upveda, Ms. Reshika Bhasinka and Event/ Communication Officer of Young Minds, Ms. Rasu Khadka. The signing took place in the presence of Young Mind’s Marketing Officer, Mr. Dinesh Chaudhary and project manager, Ms. Aabash Shrestha.

This partnership will enable the students to get more enhanced knowledge of Laravel through the trainers and other resources provided by Upveda Technology. We are really glad to have the team as our training/industry partner.

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