Ways to boost creativity of your team at workplace

In an increasingly global workforce, a team must work with high creativity to their work recognize in the market. Thousands of company/ team may have common goals, culture or working process. But only few of them get success to achieve goals with better productivity and better recognition. One of the important reasons is thinking creative.  Thinking creatively is what makes your work from average to outstanding. Creativity in work delivers better products and services, supporting the creation of better solutions for customers and business.

But the question: how can we increase creativity of the team at your workplace?

Here are some of the ways that helps to boost the creativity of your team members:

  1. Improve brainstorming

Brainstorm means to think about and try to come up with ideas or solution to a problem. Brainstorming is the way to generate ideas within a group setting usually used in the beginning stages of a project. So this phase directs the whole process of working on a project/product and play vital role for the upcoming result. You must improve your brainstorming session for bringing more creativity in your projects.

The first and foremost rule of brainstorming is: don’t judge ideas. You never know a wacky idea in your mind might spark in another colleague’s mind that leads to a better solution. So, team members should be free to give any kind of ideas and feedbacks while brainstorming. Similarly, team members must be very clear about the objective and background of the project to be done

2. Communication and Collaboration

Exchanging information within team members and involving in the tasks of other department has been most challenging task in any organization. But the company must create ways for employees of different department to interact with each other.  Level of engagement between team members determines the efficiency in work as it helps in exchange the information and broadens the knowledge and ideas in employees’ mind

3. Invest time on Research

Proper research is most important thing to do before while initiating any task or project. But most people give very less priority on research. Research is all about learning new things, getting more information and making the concept clear about the planned project/ task. If you are not open to learn and make a clear plan, many problems would be raised during execution. As a result, you may not obtain your objective.

So you must invest proper time for research to boost your creativity. There are lots of medium these days like internet, books, reports which are available easily for researching.

4. Documentation and Design your ideas

Documenting and Designing your ideas and thought helps you to organize and deliver thoughts to your team which helps you to co-ordinate within the team easily. When you document your ideas, you can observe all the information and thoughts you have gathered precisely that makes your vision gets more clear and broad. So documenting and designing your ideas is one of the best way for increasing creativity.

In conclusion

There are lot of ways to increase creativity in a workplace. One can use any kind of technique among them to increase creativity according to the nature of job they hold. But the most important part is the team must work hard together to bring more creativity in work for achieving the determined objective.