Young Minds Researches on Immigration Management

Migration is a bridge between two countries. Humans crossing borders invariably create global networks. By migrating, people connect the culture, ideas, technologies, and lifestyle of destination with the ones in their communities of origin. Seen from this vantage point, people do not merely leave one country and arrive at another; they bridge the two. This matters because networks are powerful conduits of capital, knowledge, ideas, and ideals.

With migration being this vital in connecting the globe into a network, immigration management is an important aspect to be looked into. Young Minds Creation P. Ltd. has been a leading researcher software company in understanding the aspects of digitally automating the immigration section. In current scenario, immigrants are expected to fill out forms at the airport immigration counter and wait till the officer processes and validates it, whilst holding on to their luggage. To avoid the hassle of paper-based immigration process, we as a software company have studied modules and mechanism that can omit manual human intervene and automate migration management.

If a software exists that provides online information to navigate immigration process along with a chat box to assist the user, immigrants could directly fill the application, attach necessary documents and submit it online. An AI powered automated system could review the application for initial triage, and could approve or reject the application based on applicant characteristics correlated with compliance.  The document issuance process could also be automated through a software with electronic visa issuance. On arrival, automated kiosk could confirm the identity and permit or deny the entry. Through the compliance management, automated database could check for recurrent vetting during the stay. Also, the visitor could use this online software for easy verification of visa conditions to support compliance.

On-arrival Immigration Management

With a similar modularity and workflow, Nepal could have a fully automated, Industry 4.0 compatible, digitally accessible Immigration Management, supporting the baby steps it is taking towards digitizing of nation.