We have following corporate products developed to meet your needs.

Below products has been developed by our professional team and has been tested, revised and implemented several times across different clients.

PalikaOnline  aims to provide e-services to citizens. The concept reduces hassle for public to manually fill up the forms and visit their respective Palika or Ward offices multiple times in order to avail the local government services.

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PalikaGunaso is a grievance management system developed for local governments/ palika to help them in grievance management of their local citizens. Grievances can be registered online and it can be monitored…

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It is a Full Fledged Web Based Database driven, Document Management System for all kinds of small to large organizations. It manages all incoming formal letters, outgoing letters, contracts etc. It helps tracking letters issued, sent, templates for re-usability and so on.
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It is a Full Fledged Web Based Database driven, responsive HR Software Solution for all kinds of small to large organizations. It can be “your deputy HR manager” and can come up with reports for decision making.
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WhiteBoard - an Educational ERP
It is a web based database driven ERP system developed for educational institutions or school or colleges. It has been developed using MS.NET technology and framework. The features of this product can be found here.

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Visitor Management System is a system designed for Gate-pass management, appointment management for larger organizations with high frequency of visitors.

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ConsultancyCRMIt is a web based database driven CRM software that can be also used offline or in local network. This software is designed to manage customer relation in different educational institute, training center and visa counseling institutes.

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Product Pre/After Sales Process

If you are interested in any of above products, then please contact us and our Sales and Support Representative will follow up with you on your product requirements and installation.

This is how we proceed ahead.

  • Hear your product requirements.
  • Install the product in your Organization.
  • Provide Piloting/Implementation Support
  • Provide Training
  • Annual Maintenance, Support and Updates

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