an educational ERP, MIS System, School Software, College Software


A School Management Software, Management Information System

It is a Web Based Database driven ERP developed for School, colleges or Universities that can also be used offline in local network or single computer.

Whiteboard is multipurpose school/college management software. Use Whiteboard management information system to manage students, teachers, employees, examination, transport and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently. Whiteboard is applicable in the following institutes for enhanced performance:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Training Centers
  • Online Schools
  • Group of Institutions

Major Features of Whiteboard

  • User friendly Interface : Whiteboard is created with users in mind. Anyone with basic knowledge in computers and email can start using Whiteboard within ten minutes of their first login.
  • Developed in Asp.Net and SQL Server 2008 R2 :Whiteboard is developed on the powerful Asp.net and gives us an excellent framework on which we can provide you with a very stable and reliable product.
  • Optimized for customization :We know that each and every school or college is different from each other in their system and process. Whiteboard is engineered to be customization friendly.
  • Secure and Reliable :You can trust Whiteboard to store your data. Whiteboard satisfies all modern web security standards.
  • Amazing support :The Whiteboard team is available 24/7 to help you whenever you encounter a problem or have a question about Whiteboard.
  • Flexible Pricing :You can buy the Whiteboard plan that suits your specific requirements. You can start with basic plans and can upgrade to pro plans when required.


Whiteboard includes the following major functionalities:



  • Admission Process Management
  • Student Management System
  • Account Management System
  • Exam Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Printing of Profile, I-Card, Exam Admit Card, Mark Sheet, Tabulation, Credit bill


1. Pre-Admission and Pre-Examination Management


Pre-admission process is the most hectic process which can be made easy with whiteboard for Educational Institution. It reduces the hectic job of maintaining application for admission.

  • Students’ admission form
  • Pre-Admission Tests
  • Pending documents reports
  • Allocation of division to student

2. Student Management

Education Institute module eases the tedious job of maintaining student’s profile. The Whiteboard generates reports based on class, subject, division, religion, etc. and gives additional usage of getting I-Cards, students’ declaration, bona fide certificate and leaving certificates printed.

  • Manage student profile with photograph
  • Creation of classes/divisions
  • Multiple Roll no. assignment (Exam wise).
  • Allocation of subjects – class student wise
  • Promoting/shifting of student to different class
  • Birthday calendar
  • I-Card print with photograph
  • Printing of bona fide certificate, leaving certificate
  • Student statistics – caste, category, gender, standard/division, new admission

3. Account Management

Fees Management System acts as a strong tool as it can define fees per student based on their standard they belong to. It can print credit bill, receipts and give details of the outstanding per student, class wise. The fees management system is efficient to generate reports based on daily and monthly collections, segregating it component and standard wise. Definition of Student Fees template is also provisioned. (Individual as well as for entire class/standard/category wise).

  • Defining student fees template (individual as well as for entire class)
  • Helps in defining scholarship for special students.
  •  Fees booking and register printing (detailed and summary)
  • Fee collection and receipt printing
  • Daily fee collection register
  • Monthly collection report – Fee component wise, class wise
  • Outstanding (class/student and fee component wise)


4. Exams & Result Management

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Exams and result management, an integral part of Educational Whiteboard comprehensive for school, college, university, coaching classes and play schools help in managing individual and group subject marks based on specific board standards classified individual and class wise. It is efficient to generate reports analyzing the results based on class, subject, student and division.

  • User defined Tests (term/unit)
  • User defined subjects
  • Mark list entry and Register
  • Mark list reports (standard/division/subject/student)
  • Multiple mode of Mark Entry (subject/student wise)
  • Exam Admit Card printing
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Tabulation
  • Students/class wise analysis of results
  • Subject/student/class wise result analysis
  • Exam toppers list
  • Mark sheet printing


5. Transportation Management


Transportation Management which has been incorporated under the Whiteboard for educational institution helps to ease the tedious job of fees booking as per the routes defined with the pick-up and drop-down points as specified per student.

  • Route definition
  • Vehicle grouping
  • Defined pick-up and drop-down points with timings
  • Route wise separate fees booking
  • Route wise student allocation
  • Report based on route wise student list      


6. Payroll & Human Resource Management




This module includes salary management for employees like Income Tax, PF and ESI. It can track the database, contract period and attendance of the teaching and non-teaching staff. It also include class schedule for teaching staffs.

  • Employee I-Card
  • Contract period
  • Class Schedule (Teaching Employees)
  • Pay structure
  • Attendance
  • Payments
  • Income Tax
  • PF & ESIC
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